Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bubbles, Balloons, and Blood

I have come to realize that most of the people bashing me have not read my entire posts, they have skimmed through them picking and choosing words that fit the idea of me they have already formed in their minds. I tried to defend myself on Peter Hyatt's blog but my comments were deleted. I'm not sure why since my theories about what happened are not so different from his or the people who post on his site regularly.  The people that have read the blog in its entirety and have negative opinions of it and of me, I can deal with. They read it, didn't like it or agree with me and that's okay. At least they read what I had to say first. People are still saying that I am Angela Harry writing under disguise or that I am another one of Justin's admirers. I am baffled by that. I will keep writing though, it is nice to have people who think like me and have similar theories about what happened. As human beings our minds are designed to try to work through problems and find all pieces of the puzzle so we can get the whole picture. That is what we all are trying to do here and the way I see it, the closer we get, the more Justin and Co. are going to squirm and maybe, just maybe, they will make a mistake and LE will swoop in and make the arrests needed to bring Ayla justice.

On 1/28/12 Bob Vear organized the Bubbles and Balloon Vigil for Ayla in Waterville. (By the way, for the record, I am from Waterville and currently live in Waterville, there has been some speculation that I don't even live in Maine. I actually live only a few streets away from Violette Ave.) Trista and her family attended it and to the surprise of many, so did Justin at least the last 30 minutes of it. More surprisingly Justin and Trista came together as mother and father at that vigil, exchanged hugs, and went off to talk privately. Many were shocked at this sudden display of unity. Trista claims she did it because only Justin knows how she is feeling because he feel the same way. BS! I don't believe Justin feels the same way and I know if I suspected someone of harming my child, there is no way in hell I would allow them to lay a finger on me, let alone hug me. More surprisingly, Police announced the presence of blood found in the basement bedroom of the DiPietro's home during this vigil. Bob Vear was interviewed and claimed he knew about the blood since 12/24/11 and did not think it was a big deal. Many wondered how Bob knew about the blood and must only know about it if he was there that night. I think Lance told him about it and I think that Bob Vear will be called to testify once this goes to court. I believe that Lance confided in Bob Vear about a lot of things regarding Ayla. And as for Bob's comment that the blood was not a big deal, are you kidding me? Not a big deal!?! Police do not randomly release something that like without knowing full well whose blood it was, how long it had been there, and that it absolutely had to do with the case. I knew that within a day or two we were going to hear that it was in fact Ayla's blood. I believe the police released the information purposely at that time to see Trista and Justin's reactions to it. Justin made another smug comment, one that I took to almost be taunting the police and it made me even more positive he had something to do with Ayla's disappearance. Justin was quoted as saying "I'm not going to answer any questions about it, but I will say this: If there was something there, I don't think I'd be standing here with you right now."  At the vigil Trista also whispered something in Justin's ear, people have claimed she asked him about the blood and Justin's response was "Don't worry about that". Phoebe claimed it was her blood from cutting her foot while doing laundry then clammed up when Police announced the next day that the blood was in fact Ayla's and more than a small cut would produce.

If the blood is not relevant to Ayla's disappearance then why hasn't someone come forward to explain what happened to Ayla that resulted in her blood being on the floor? People have said that it is not uncommon that if investigators came into their home they would find blood there as well. I can say that yes, I bet if investigators went into my 13 year old son's room with luminol it might look like someone was murdered there but he gets severe nosebleeds and I can account for every one and have emergency room records to back me up for the really bad ones. The most concerning part of the blood is that no one claims to know about it, although we know someone absolutely knows about it, a 20 month old child does not hurt herself and then clean up her own blood, stitch up her own wounds, and change her own clothes without someone knowing about it. If it was nothing and not related, why lie about it? I lost all hope that Ayla was alive on that day. I knew before this that it probably wasn't going to turn out with the happy ending everyone was hoping for, Police don't dive into icy rivers in the middle of winter in Maine expecting to fine a healthy, happy, live little girl at the bottom of it. Each time the search of the rivers turned up nothing, I gained a little hope back but not once the blood evidence was released. I understand people want to hang on to that hope and I hope for all your sake that I am wrong and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I don't mean to upset people by stating I think Ayla is gone but if you look at things realistically I think you know deep down inside that I am probably right. Right now, I think we should all hang on to the hope that Ayla is found and given a proper burial and the respect that she deserves and that is not being dumped somewhere like trash and that the assholes that are responsibile rot in a jail cell for the rest of their lives. I really wish at times like these Maine did have the death penalty.


  1. "People are still saying that I am Angela Harry writing under disguise or that I am another one of Justin's admirers. I am baffled by that"

    Accusing your debate opponent of being a "sock puppet" is a part of all internet discussions, especially on ad based
    revenue generating discussion boards.

  2. Good point, I shouldn't take it to heart as much as I do. I wonder about the sanity of some of the posters on the other websites, their theories are so far reaching and absolutely ridiculous.

  3. J4A, yes, today is 2 months since Ayla's reported disappearance.
    thank you so much for sticking with the blog and for putting up this post.
    i know many will not be able to stop thinking about her today, i am going to devote some time to 'think back' with her and send her love.
    she needs to come home.
    don't let anyone rattle you, just speak your heart. i am grateful to have a place where we can all gather and try to sort out this nightmare and vent our feelings without bs bickering.
    the 'true crime' armchair sleuthers and and their coterie have some of the finest minds and some of the nastiest all mixed together in a huge sh#t pie. it isn't pleasant to pick the straw from the chaff but the quest for truth is a very powerful and honest force we all need to harness and share.
    there are so many sickos, pervs, twisteds and simple attention wh*res all vying for the same bandwidth it is a maelstrom of tabloid and science and love and logic all entangled. some 'talking heads' have self-appointed themselves gurus or have 'teams' who endorse their every word. i don't know what peter hyatt's problem with you is, ignore him. he's probably looking for fodder for his own blog or radio show. as a fellow mainer, he should have been 'helping' in this situation long before, not criticizing.
    no one needs to 'vet' you or your motives. nor do they need to 'sleuth' you out just for having the courage to keep a blog up in this contentious and tempestuous atmosphere.
    i don't know who you are and even though i would like to, i am not going to try to discover your motives or identity; i am just thankful right now that you are here offering friendship for everyone who love Ayla.
    the police are asking the families to speak. i believe they are happy with whatever conversations are going on in newpaper article comments or blogs or on main street.
    i'll check back later today, i want to think about Ayla now and not the 'crime' so i haven't read your posts yet.
    ~~~~~~~*thinking of Ayla*~~~~~~~~

  4. This morning I woke up, hugged my one year old son, looked into his face, and saw Ayla. How is it possible to have this much love for a child I've never met? I will never stop hurting for you or loving you Ayla. I am so sorry nobody could protect you. I am so sorry your smile, your bright blue eyes, and your sweet innocent life has been ripped away from you in a blink of an eye, when all you wanted was probably a hug, a warm hug in the dark of the night, or someone to play, sing, and dance with you. I won't let myself think of the monster who knows where you are today. Instead, today, I will only think of the love so many people in this world have for you, and how badly we want you home. You deserve at least that respect. I love you so much Ayla Bell. I will smile at your pictures in my home today. I will celebrate that you are loved. Hugs and kisses wherever you are.


    1. I just checked out your blog, keep up the good work. Hopefully some of my readers will read your blog too. :)

  6. Thank the casey anthony jury! They set that murdered free and now all parents think they can get away wit murder! Good job jury! You will all meet ur maker! I wish the jury would see how many children have gone missing and reported by their own parents since the famous NOT GUILTY. What a justice system we have! Sell drugs once go to jail for 20 to life. Murder or can't find your child and say missing. You walk.... united states justice for ya.
    AYLAs father did something to this little angel! Everyone knows it.
    Now let's all focus on finding her and putting him behind bars for life.
    Let's not let this be another casey case!
    Ayla... praying for you.

    1. So true. Its sad all the innocent children that have been missing/taking/not found since casey anthonys not guilty

  7. I have a two year old granddaughter and two year old grandson, oh, how I love those babies, the same as I loved my babies. I can't imagine, I'm sick at the thought of people being able to hurt babies...

    JusticeforAyla, really good blog, very well written! Thank you for taking the time.

    A great week end to all !!

  8. Don't pay attention to what anyone has to say about your writing that is in a negative tone. Although I continue to believe in the, "innocent until proven guilty" clause to a certain degree, the whole case for Caylee Anthony last year put a serious hindering on my vision of justice and in that clause alone. Continuing to post blogs like these only keeps awareness present for this precious, little girl! I hope justice prevails in this case, and I hope the DiPietro's suffer their karma for whatever it is they are trying to cover up.