Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blood On Trista's Hands?

I know, the title of this blog is ridiculous. There have been some comments on my recent post Life Insurance=Murder? that seem to want us to believe that Trista is guilty, that Trista has "blood on her hands". I know my readers are not naive enough to fall for this attempt to sway us away from the truth and leave us pointing fingers at Trista.

I do believe that Trista is guilty for Ayla's fate to some degree. She knowingly brought a child into this world that she could not support or provide a stable life for, she knew she had a problem with alcohol and or drugs. She did not know Justin well enough to know his medical history before getting pregnant by him, also she did not know if he had any STD's which could harm her unborn baby.  I also do not think she has been honest with us about DHS' role in all of this. I do not think she is omitting these details because she is somehow involved with Ayla's disappearance. I think she is omitting them because she is ashamed or in denial.

Trista stated she became pregnant with Ayla and did not tell Justin he was the father because he would want her to abort. Trista stated this on her webpage, http://www.aylareynolds.com/, however I think it has since been removed. If Trista told Justin he was not the father, it would be safe to assume that Trista had been having sex with someone other than Justin around the time of conception for Justin to believe someone else could possibly be the father.

Trista then went to either file for TANF or Child Support and DHS requires a mandatory paternity test to make sure they are going after the right person. Ayla was 7 months old. We do not know for sure Justin was not aware of Ayla prior to this but we also don't know that he was. We don't know how involved Justin and Trista were except that they had both admitted to never being in a relationship.

Trista was told by DHS to kick the alcohol or lose her kids, this came as a result of a fight that Trista had with her sister. DHS was called either by the police, concerned of the alcohol use and fighting while kids were witness or from a concerned neighbor, friend, grandparent.

Trista signed herself into rehab the next day and left Ayla in the custody of her sister and mother while she went to a 10 day detox program. While Trista was in rehab, Justin informed DHS that he wanted to take Ayla. Because Trista never went to court and filed for sole parental rights and responsibilities, Justin had equal rights to Ayla and by law had every right to request that Ayla be put into his custody. Police escorted Justin to the sister, Jessica Reynold's, house in Lewiston and Justin took physical custody of Ayla without incident.

Because the father of baby Ray never stepped forward to claim custody of Ray while Trista was in rehab, he remained where he was. DHS did not remove Ayla because Trista, Jessica, or
Becca were deemed unfit or their home unsafe for a child. Ayla was only removed because Justin enforced his parental rights and went and got her.

DHS called a family team meeting to address this new living arrangement for Ayla, according to Trista, it was agreed upon that Ayla would be returned to Trista when she completed her stint in rehab. Justin did not return Ayla when Trista completed rehab per the agreement. Many wonder why DHS did not enforce this, DHS can lay guidelines that parents all agree upon and hope that the parents live up to their end of the bargain but the cannot enforce it unless there was substantiated evidence of abuse or neglect and it was approved by a judge. Cooperation of the parents with DHS is not mandatory. It is only voluntary and if Justin refused to return Ayla, he was well within his rights. Trista never reported to DHS that she suspected Justin of abuse or neglect and if she did, the investigation had to of come back

Justin stated in his first interview that he had "sole custody" of Ayla. That is not true, unless Justin had went to a judge and filed and it had been awarded to him. Trista would have been served the papers and would have been able to petition the courts for joint parental rights and responsibilities. I do not believe Justin ever filed or if he did, Trista is not being honest about that point. I think Justin had physical custody of Ayla at the time only. Because of Maine Laws and that no one ever actually went to court for sole custody of Ayla, Trista retained just as much right to Ayla as Justin. Why did Trista wait so long before going to court and demanding she have Ayla returned to her? There is more to this story and I would love to know what Trista isn't telling us but I don't think any information she is withholding will incriminate her in the disappearance of Ayla.

I believe I received a response to my open letter to Courtney included in my last post. I have my suspicions that the Anonymous poster is in fact Courtney Roberts. VTLady over at Statement Analysis took a look and she thinks that it is Courtney that posted here. I tried to get her permission to copy and paste her response but again my comments keep disappearing from the Statement Analysis blog as soon as I post them, I think it is because they go to the spam inbox and don't get posted until a day or so later when Peter Hyatt checks the spam comment section. I am posting it below and will remove it promptly if she wishes. 

Here is the Anonymous Comment:

First of all, this blog does not ADD any new information, it just regurgitates what's already in the media and puts a faux-insider twist on things.

Secondly, Trista has blood on her hands.

Why is the custody arrangement so hard to figure out? Because Trista doesn't want you to figure it out. She's releasing all of this info about Justin, petty shit about him not returning her texts, but she won't take a moment to clarify how and why her children were taken from their unfit mother.

Why is it so important that Justin talk to Trista? When he is talking to her, then she's fine and ready to defend him. Saying "he's the only person who truly knows how she feels." When he stops talking to her, she flips the script. Hello, borderline personality disorder!

Why are we taking the word of an ADDICT as fact? She's going to lie and cover her own ass. She's spinning everything to make her dysfunctional family look like victims. Once again, TRISTA HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS.

The public does not have enough information to say who did this. Law enforcement has said NO ONE, including Trista, has been ruled out as a suspect. If they really wanted all of the attention on Justin, wouldn't they just say he is a person of interest or suspect and stop people from focusing on Trista and her fam? Think about it.

If there was evidence to put Justin in jail, he'd be there. Wouldn't police do everything they could to lock up such an obvious threat to society?

Here is VTLady79's assessment:

VTLady79 said...

Thanks for posting the link, Ney!

Yeah. I think it's Courtney who left that reply...

First read-through I thought it might also have been Elisha, BUT on second read... this is what stuck out at me:

Why is it >>SO IMPORTANT that JUSTIN TALK TO TRISTA?<< When he is talking to her, then she's fine and ready to defend him. Saying >>"HE'S THE ONLY PERSON WHO TRULY KNOWS HOW SHE FEELS."<< When he stops talking to her, she flips the script. Hello, borderline personality disorder!"

We see the same old Courtney Roberts here, that we saw through her synopsis of "Ayla's Story"
posted by Angela Harry on TLLOM.

The jealous and insecure girlfriend.

The one who needed to prove to herself "what a great, super, person she is... and how LUCKY Justin is to have HER".

You personally addressed Courtney in that open letter, trying to appeal to her love for AIDEN, in order to get her to go to LE with what she knows regarding AYLA'S MURDER.

What is she concerned with in her reply to you, though???

NOT Aiden.

NOT Ayla.

NOT the fact that Ayla was murdered for insurance money, and how that could put HER son's life at risk.

NOT what Ayla (who she is supposedly trying to convince you was abducted and/or murdered by Trista) is feeling or went through.

She's worried about JUSTIN TALKING TO TRISTA.

Who the hell cares given everything that is and has gone on about some stupid text messages??

Who cares if Trista says "Justin is the only person who really understands what she is going thru"???

Courtney does.

Deep down, she's afraid that this is has given Trista a door back into Justin's life; that they will be brought "closer together" thru tragedy.

Getting RID OF AYLA was supposed to accomplish that.
Courtney Roberts thought she had ridden herself of Trista hanging around Justin, since the bond of sharing a child together no longer exists!

This is VERY CONCERNING to me.
I had thought Courtney had SOME involvement/knowledge of JUSTIN'S plot to get rid of Ayla...

NOW I'm actually wondering if COURTNEY ROBERTS isn't the mastermind behind the ENTIRE thing!

Did she convince and push DiPshit into this plot, and encourage him to abuse and murder his own daughter???
Makes me wonder who the "mastermind" is in this case...

Thanks for bringing this post to our attention at the SA thread.

I REALLY HOPE that Peter Hyatt and readers like HobNob, KMH, Jazzie, JuJuBee, GetThem, Vitak (and many others I've not named!) who are FAR better @ SA than the likes of myself, will read this post in it's entirety...

IF I'm right... Courtney Roberts has given us A LOT to work with for analysis, IMHO!

Great job drawing her out, JFA!

What do you guys think? This person seems to go to a lot of trouble blaming Trista and taking the focus off of Justin. She also seems to have some jealousy issues regarding Trista and Justin talking. Is it a coincidence that I posted an open letter to Courtney in the post and received this as a response?

Unfortunately the anonymous poster has succeeded to some degree, he/she has left some of my readers pondering over whether we have this all wrong and Justin is innocent. They have succeeded in trying to get people to fight and argue on this site. We all need to remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion and to voice their thoughts, even if it is to question if we have gotten it right thus far. However, at the end of the day, I hope we all realize that the facts, stated and inferred, are all pointing in one direction, and it isn't at Trista Reynolds.

*Ooops, referred to Courtney as Courtney Reynolds, not Courtney Roberts, my apologies to Trista for associating her name with the likes of Courtney. Thank you Girlie for pointing that out. :)


  1. I just think that there are a lot of questions about Trista that have not been answered, and that is starting to really annoy people.

    Such as, for example, where was Trista on the night that Ayla reportedly went missing? Why don't we even have that most basic information?

    Trista excels with diversionary tactics like giving evasive answers and pointing fingers at someone else. However, Trista gives up very little of the crucial information, like her alibi and what really was going on with the custody issues.

    1. I was struck by one of Trista's answers to a t.v. interviewer who asked if Trista sent someone into that house to take back Ayla. She answered; "No. Why would I do something like that?" Well, it is obvious that Trista had a compelling reason to have Ayla snatched, in that Justin had just moved away the day before, permanently out of Portland to Waterville. So I found Trista's answer very disingenuous and very troubling. I am troubled by a lot of what Trista says and her odd behavior.

    2. I heard her tell Nancy Grace, when she called in on the show, soon after Ayla went missing that she was in a motel room in Portland that night.

    3. So, you think Trista has used these CIA-spy-ninja-like "diversionary tactics" to hypnotize LE into thinking that she has an alibi, and that Justin, Courtney and Elisha are being deceptive? Wow, she must be amazing. She's like, "The Most Interesting Woman in The World" I bet when she drinks beer, it's DOS XX's. I wonder who trained her? She has completely tricked the FBI, Maine State Police, Waterville Police, K-9's, the media, Statement and Body Language Experts, unreal...wicked impressive!

    4. What is this talk about ninjas. Pure nonsense.

    5. girlie, right on, I needed a giggle

    6. We do not know that Trista has not provided an alibi. We simply know that she has provided one to us, the public. I can pretty much guarantee that she has provided one to police and the FBI or both agencies would be so far up her behind right now, well you get the gist.

      I am also reasonably certain that whatever alibi she has provided has satisfied law enforcement, or they would not be praising her coperation in the media, a stark contrast to their statements about he level of cooperation from the Ds. They cannot clear her, even if satisfied with her alibi beause there remains the off chance that some, unknown third party did something on her behalf.

  2. I agree with your and Vtlady's assessment. Whoever is posting the comments arguing Trista's involvement is full of hate and jealousy for Trista. So much hate it makes me wonder if Courtney was the one that made Ayla disappear?

    1. kimc, no offense but I don't think it is right to belittle someone else's opinion or concerns like that. No one has a lock on the truth. We can't know the truth just yet because all the facts are not yet out. There is much that is still unknown. Until we have more information, I think it is alright to discuss, question, and search for answers.

    2. I should add that I see no compelling evidence that the other poster is Courtney, nor am I Courtney. That poster says that Trista had her 'children" taken away. Not true. Trista had only one child, Ayla, taken away by DHHS. I would think that Courtney would know that. So this poster was not likely Courtney or someone who really knows the case well.

    3. @kimc- I do think the statement is riddled with an intense hatred of Trista and jealousy, especially with Trista wanting to talk to Justin, it sounds like a response from an insecure girlfriend.
      I also think the timing is suspicious, I post an open letter to Courtney and someone with a hatred of Trista responds. Maybe it isn't Courtney and is just someone who thinks Trista is guilty. Until they decide to stand behind their comment and come out from the cover of anonymity, we can only speculate

    4. Anon 4:17 & 4:10

      Sounds like Heidi or her cousin Angela.

    5. Why would it not anger Trista that Justin is not communicating with her? Why would someone think that she is wrong to call him out in public if he is not replying to her personally. Their daughter is MISSING. She wants answers. How dare someone actually say, "Why is it so important that Justin talk to Trista?" I see the ignorance and jealousy to actually call their communication as "Petty Shit" I also do not think the comment about "children" instead of "child" is an error, it seems to me to be a way to exaggerate his/her comment. She/He also says at the end, "the public does not HAVE enough information to say who did it" implying that there IS more information for us to get... I am not an expert.. but this is what I get from the post.

    6. seriously!
      of course it is important that Justin speak to Trista!
      i don't know why she didn't camp out in the front yard of Violette Ave..i would have been there no matter what the police say..i think she should go there now to be honest.
      the silence of the DiPietros is 100 percent incriminating.
      they don't even bother pretending there was an intruder anymore!

    7. Ditto, Purple Butterflies

    8. @JusticeforAyla, you said "Until they decide to stand behind their comment and come out from the cover of anonymity, we can only speculate", I'm not defending anyone here, but I don't see you using your real name here either.

    9. You are correct, I have not used my real name. People certainly are free to question anything I have said. If anonymous is Courtney, it is her right to remain anonymous, I am not questioning that at all but because we don't know who it is, we can only speculate as to whether it is her or not based on her comment.

      I have not used my real name for one reason only. The person I received some information from regarding Justin's whereabouts on the 15th has expressed his concern with the public putting 2 + 2 together and hounding him. He does not want to be involved in this at all except for helping law enforcement any way he can. Until he gives his consent, I will remain Justice For Ayla out of respect for him

    10. @ JusticeforAyla,
      Well, you're not anonymous to everyone because someone who posted a link to your blog on the Morning Sentinel also posted your name. I don't know how they associated it because I couldn't find your name anywhere on this blog site. Also, I have a question for you, I have heard that your own daughter has played with Ayla before, so how is that if you only know Justin just in passing briefly to say hi??

    11. My daughter does not know Ayla, has never played with Ayla. Justin is 10 years younger than I am. I do not know him personally nor has my child ever been around Justin, to my knowledge. My mother in law has taken my daughter to Portland to see her uncle, if my daughter was there at the same time as Justin and Ayla, it has never been brought to my attention.

      Some people on different sites have figured out that this is my blog and felt it was their job to "out" me and to dig up dirt on me, which I have plenty of. It still doesn't make what I say any more or less truthful or relevant.

      People have free will over which blogs they choose to read. If someone doesn't like who I am or what I stand for they certainly do not have to read what I write. There are plenty of other blogs that focus on Ayla.

    12. Justice for Ayla, thought you might like this snip from Peter Hyatt's Statement Analysis.

      Question: Why shoot the messenger?

      Answer: It means the message is too close for comfort.

      When the message cannot be discredited, attempts are made to either discredit the messenger, or cause the messenger to be silent, via some form of intimidation.

    13. I saw that too, Thank you. I guess I have to take the good with the bad since I put myself out there as a target. I honestly think I am doing a good thing and will continue even at my own personal expense until we get a resolution to this case. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There are countless people reading all this stuff on the Internet, so it is really hard to be certain who any poster is who is not using a real, full name.

    2. Exactly.anyone who is concerned about aka and this case can be reading this blog and want to contribute their opinion and simply want to add their post by selecting the anonymous selection instead of using a profile our their name, which means anonymous can be multiple people. All I can say is that LE are not idiots, and they are not putting info out there for a reason.I am sure the truth will come out soon enough!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Katie Hitchins is a real person, not a Courtney imposter.

  5. justice for Ayla, where did you post your open letters to Courtney and Elisha?

    1. I have not posted one to Elisha yet but in my post Life Insurance=Murder? the end of the post was an open letter to Courtney.

      I have seen the comments on mainetoday.com from Katie Hitchins and appreciate you posting this one, they are similar in nature to the ones from other Dip supporters. There are some similarities to the one posted here but I think the big difference is the intense hatred of Trista. Katie doesn't really bash Trista in your comment above only defends Justin. The comment on my post only points the finger at Trista which leads me to believe she has something personal against Trista.

    2. OK, thank you for your thoughts.. I deleted the comment, because those are someone else's words and not mine.. I was shocked at how close the statement are... also another thing I noticed was that katie mentioned that she has not seen Justin for YEARS yet she makes a statement that she has not SEEN anyone cry as much as he has.. not even her father when he lost his parents. That made me think that she is closer to the DIPS than she is telling everyone. Maybe the people that assessed your statement will still assess this one. it is still on the newspaper comments..

    3. Very perceptive about picking up on that. She is lying either about seeing him cry or not seeing him for years. I read on facebook that Katie and Elisha were best friends at one point in their lives. Seems like she certainly knows more then she is saying. You can post at www.statementanalysis.com and they will certainly make an assessment.

    4. ummmm... she made this comment in that same post in reference to Elisha: "Seeing her name cruicified across the media hurts mostly because I know what a good person she is, not because we were ever friends. "Chums" isn't even close. I could identify her in a line-up, when we were young teenagers we played softball together in a community league, but otherwise, we were not close"
      I dont think that it is that important if she is a friend of Elisha's, but why lie about it? Strange... I'm going to drop it because I do not think it has anything to do with Ayla but thought I would share.

  6. (Psst.... you called her Courtney 'Reynolds' at the end of your blog, not Courtney "Roberts". lmao, she must be pi$$ed about that! She might come back here and holler at you again.)

    Why is it >>SO IMPORTANT that JUSTIN TALK TO TRISTA?<< When he is talking to her, then she's fine and ready to defend him. Saying >>"HE'S THE ONLY PERSON WHO TRULY KNOWS HOW SHE FEELS."<< When he stops talking to her, she flips the script. Hello, borderline personality disorder!"

    I see sensitivity, jealousy....gosh, the use of the caps shows sensitivity, and anger--How dare you question "The Queen?"...she's hollering at you for goodness sake.

    Whoever wrote that sounds very possessive and controlling, IMO. The possessiveness might mean it is from a close friend or even a relative of Courtney who feels they must protect her. But I doubt that, I think it is Courtney. It is someone familiar with the going-ons, not just the media. They have another source of info. The way they attack Trista, but very immaturely, using a mental health diagnoses as an insult. That's wicked -I suspect a young person who has been "schooled" or is vaguely familiar with Mental Health terminology. IMO.

  7. ooops, I see I copied from VTLady's copy, I take it the original didn't have Caps. My bad : )

  8. this is a brave post, J4A. i commend you.
    it seems like no one is allowed to ask even basic questions about Trista without being accused a DiPietro supporter or a Trista hater.
    i am neither, but i still have questions.
    Trista's timeline needs to be filled in. i want to know what the hell she was doing after she got out of rehab that was so important, she didn't reclaim her baby.
    what was she doing for the entire month of November and more than two weeks in December? why is this a big mystery?
    Trista has been really weird from day one. her affect has been very flat and she sometimes seems to have her priorities way out of whack with finding Ayla.
    we have been told Trista was in rehab for alchohol abuse, that may be the case, but imo and without the smallest shred of proof, i will say that i think Trista was abusing more than alchohol. whatever she was using seems to have caused some brain damage, (i am not being snide here, i'm serious), and Trista is just not firing on all cylinders.
    of course, i know she is distraught, but she is also 'not right in the head'.
    i think she is sober or mostly sober now and her mind is clearing and healing.
    she seems like someone who is waking up from a lethargic dream state.
    she finds herself dumped into a nightmare, but much of it is due to her own negligence and loser behaviors.
    Trista's personal choices previously were abysmal.
    it does make me angry when people with no money, no ambition and little to offer the world creatively make babies through sheer stupidity and laziness.
    for Trista to have two pregnancies back to back while being on drugs and alchohol disgusts me.
    she should be in school and working, not breeding and mooching off society hanging around with a crowd of deadbeats and druggies living in a welfare motel.
    Trista's life style put Ayla at tremendous risk.
    i would like to know what Trista's babby daddy 2 is in jail for.
    i didn't agree with the commenter who seemed to hate Trista on all points, but i do agree it IS ironic she wants to sue Child Protection for not checking out Ayla's new home while she is dating/breeding with a criminal herself. GMAB!
    when Trista starts blaming the government for her problems, she perpetuates her victim mentality.
    i think Trista is probably beating herself up right now more acutely than any public pitchforks and torches. i get no pleasure calling her out as a very bad mother.
    Trista will have to live with herself for the rest of her life, knowing how she let her baby girl down. i can only imagine that to be a very tortured existence and honestly, i wish there was some way for Trista to succeed in the future for the sake of her other baby, but to be frank, i think Trista is hopeless and will continue with her low life ways and avoidance behaviors.
    accumulating the facts surrounding Ayla's disappearance is not judgemental persay nor is it simple nosiness.
    filling in the timeline is paramount. that includes Trista's whereabouts and the people with whom she and Ayla associated.
    i am tired of the DiPietro spin and I am tired of Trista melodrama.
    thanks for the VERY thought-provoking post, J4A..your blog is really excellent and i think offering many of us great comfort.
    i am praying Ayla will be found now, this can not go on.

    1. Thanks Nimbus, I said in the beginning, this isn't a game of kickball where everyone should be picking sides. We are all on Ayla's side and sadly both of her parents failed her. I certainly lay some blame on Trista and find her actions suspect. There were times I thought she was enjoying being on television and getting all of this attention then she was concerned about Ayla. Neither family participated in the searches for Ayla but yet almost everyone in our community was out there every day, searching for an hour on their lunch break, searching until dark once they got out of work instead of spending time with their own families but neither parent nor their families were out doing the same?

      I know I have probably upset people with this post, people who think that Trista's life and her mistakes did not matter and have no bearing on this case but I disagree. She is culpable as well even if she did not physically have Ayla at the time she went missing. I still believe Justin is guilty, it is the why and the how I am still trying to figure out.

      We will get to the truth, someone knows what happened and they cannot stay silent forever. Justin will piss Courtney off or meet someone new, cheat on her, whatever and she will talk but it might be too late, maybe Elisha will come to her senses and beat her to it to save Gabby from growing up without a mother....

    2. I am going to stay away from all the opinions and personal judgments/attacks on everyone here, telling someone they have blood on their hands is so harsh and hurtful, I don't get why everyone wants to keep hurting people with their words. It causes people to get defensive, to shut down, and that is the opposite of what we want. We want to create a neutral ground where everyone feels comfortable talking!!!!! Get it??? It's such a contradiction to what this blog is trying to do and just not positive. I find it sad and not thinking in the best interest of Ayla. I wish people could keep those words to themselves and only include theories and facts and possible ideas of who took Ayla and why.

      I am interested in the Courtney angle. I have also thought that she seems too much out of this search and fight for Ayla from the get go- interesting to hear she is so concerned with Trista- I wonder if Trista was the reason that Justin and Courtney were on again off again dating? (That may be hearsay) I would NOT put an insecure girl aside from motive here. I think we all know plenty of women out there who have gone to extreme lengths over insecurity and jealousy issues...and most of which are completely made up in their head and do not even exist. Courtney would have no reason to come clean whatsoever- that would mean ruining her life and losing her son- so I don't see that happening if she did do something, that was purely out of selfishness, I don't see her coming forward, ever. LE hopefully is combing through her life with a fine tooth comb as well though, and if they find anything, then they better present it to Justin...b/c he needs to know immediately. (Did she take a poly?)
      Again, we don't know her. This is all speculation b/c she's done the best job of staying out of the circle..maybe your next blog should focus on her. It might be short though, we don't have very many facts on her. Does anyone know her, have any insight on her? This is a platform for knowledge, not to crucify someone. Courtney if you are reading this, and have anything to say, please bring it to LE first. That is most important. Don't be offended by this, you have to understand you were there- and motive can be created. Would everyone be doing their job if they turned their eyes completely away from you?
      I have said before, I want to hear more from all FOUR of these people, not just three.

      And without doubt, a timeline on every single person at all ever associated with this baby is being created by LE. That is common sense. Every single detail counts. It's all a matter of time.

      Love you Ayla!!!!

  9. Nimbus, in answer to your question... Trista became pregnant with her baby boy Raymond Fournier about one month prior to her boyfriend Raymond L. Fournier being sentenced to 18 years in prison for setting an arson fire in an apartment building, assisted by his mother. So Trista got pregnant while he was awaiting trial, and knew he was likely facing a long prison term and that she would have to raise her child alone.

    Her baby boy's father is in prison in Maine. He is serving nine years in prison, with nine more years suspended if he does what he is supposed to do. I don't know where the grandmother is, but she too was facing arson charges. What a family!

    1. Very interesting, you seem to have some inside knowledge of Trista and her life. Do you know if she has a history of drug/alcohol abuse or just the incident that led her to rehab? Also do you know if she used drugs or was it just alcohol she had/has a problem with?

      Thank you letting us know more about the situation regarding Trista's other child and his father, she apparently has a problem picking suitable men to father children with.

      I certainly think Trista's maturity level is stunted at an adolescent age because of drug abuse. I think she reacts inappropriately at times and think she either dropped out of school or had a hard time in school and comes across as uneducated. She has definitely made some poor life choices that ultimately led to the situation she is in with Ayla and think she does need to take some accountability for that and think if she wants to sue, she should sue the DiPietro's not DHS. It is her actions that warranted involvement with DHS and don't think they should be held liable. They had no reason to do home checks at Justin's because she never claimed he was neglectful or abusive. Why would she agree at the family meeting with DHS for Ayla to go to Justin if she suspected him of abusing her and why in her words "keep things the way they were" when she got out? I would never allow my child to live with someone I suspected of harming them.

      All that said, I don't think Trista abducted Ayla or had someone abducted her because she would have confessed to LE by now. Most parents that abducted their child already have made arrangements to flee the area complete with new identities and money, Trista did none of that.

    2. I cannot find any information regarding an arson and Raymond Fournier. I also searched the state of Maine database of prison inmates and probationers and no Raymond Fournier came up. Think this is likely false information....

    3. The name is spelled wrong. Try Fortier

    4. Thank you, I did find the info on his arrest, funny he sort of resembles Justin...

  10. wow, was it really necessary to put an innocent baby's name out here on the Internet? Very Mean and Spiteful ! Obviously, you are not here to help find Ayla. You are hear to bash Trista and her family. None of what you say has any bearing on Ayla being missing. If Ayla had gone missing while with the Reynolds, then maybe it would matter, but as it is, it does nothing to help find Ayla. Very cruel and obviously posted in a malicious manner. You must be a very sad person. I feel sorry for you. What a witch!

    1. Trista already put the name out there herself. She did an interview last week. The baby's full name and picture were in the newspaper article and online.

    2. I cant figure out how to not be anonymous tried several times, and the "type in the words" for security just kept booting me..

      to Anonymous (witch and jerk) you need to read this whole blog. The blog is VERY fair, and is actually towards Justin being the perp! This is really the first blog from this group (aside from the Justin is GOD croneys) that questioned anything about Trista.

      In any investigation, ALL related people need to be looked at.

      I assume... Trista thought that DHS would help her force Justin to adhere to his agreement to return Ayla. He may have bullied her, or threatened her to keep her from requesting custody. She may not have known that she had equal rights to Ayla, and all she would have had to do is go "take her for icecream" and Justin would have been required to be the one filing for custody instead. I am assuming that Justin was aware of this loop hole of sorts, as he went and enforced his rights, and may have kept Ayla from being alone with Trista to avoid that very scenario where mom just takes her back.
      She may have spent the 6 weeks learning about custody and what she would need to do, to get Ayla back. pretty brave to go file without an attorney.

      I think all the group is asking from Trista, is Why didnt you go file for custody sooner. They brought up the little boy to show how Justin was able to TAKE Ayla without DHS involvement, and why the boy was allowed to stay.

      I beleive that Trista thought this was a prank that Justin hid Ayla to hurt Trista for filing for custody, and I beleive that the Justin clan hoped and bet on the "world" beleiving that Trista was the kidnapper!

    3. anon, you make some excellent points!
      i agree that Trista did not appear to believe Ayla was in any danger!
      i can think of only two explanations for that:
      she either thought it was a temporary prank or harmless maneuver by the DiPietros,
      or drugs had rendered her incapable of grasping reality.
      i am leaning towards it being a combination of both those reasons.
      i would like to know if Justin has played other custody 'games' or made vague threats of keeping her before Ayla's disappearance that led Trista to think 'here we go again' ?
      Levi Page's radio show (i posted link last night in a comment below) was really good i thought. the retired detective explains why every detail of information is important and paints the 'big picture'. the timeline has to be filled in by EVERYONE around Ayla, of course Trista needs to tell where she was in the time leading up to Ayla's disappearance.

      i get the feeling that it is not a flattering portrayal of a mother; i notice Trista pals try to change the subject every time it's brought up by saying look at Justin, he was WITH Ayla at the time of her disappearance. of course Justin needs to fill in his timeline gaps too.!
      Trista might not even realize that her activities are relevant.
      it is Standard Operating Procedure for EVERYONE involved with the baby to divulge their whereabouts in this type of case!
      it is too late now to worry about Trista's reputation and that should be the last thing on Trista's mind. Finding Ayla should be number one and filling in the timeline is the basic first step!
      anon have you tried:
      1. select Name/Url in the drop down menu of the 'Reply As' tab
      2. put a user name in the top blank, (ignore other blanks)
      3. when ready to submit your comment hit preview.
      for me, a little red dot appears and sometimes after a little wait (where it seems like nothing is happening), the form pops up asking for capture match.
      4. match code words and hit publish

      if you still have trouble, you could always just sign your comments with a user name.
      hope this helps

    4. Ok un unonimous anonomous here again lol... Maybe I should call my self "the new to blogs can't figure out how to sign.

      One other thought that just won't leave my thoughts is.... What if. Trista did take Ayla. She filed for custody and intended to keep her hidden from Justin until her court date and she was awarded custody back. Then wa la Ayla is found and returned home to her now legal custodian mom. But throughout this... It has gotten bigger than she intended, and now she doesn't know how to come out and say whoops ive had her all along for fear of being sent to jail for the charade. Perhaps she didn't think Justin would report her missing and involve the police as he sure would suspect her first? Could LE have told Trista there was blood in the basement to see how she reacted? If I had my child "missing" and at a vigil I was told there was blood found in the fathers basement. I am afraid I would not be able to control myself when I saw the dad. She was too calm, to willing to buddy up. I know I would have been shaking, mad, angry and demanding he tell me what he did with her..
      Grandma creeps me out, Justin creeps me out, but also Trista and some of her non chalant words for Justin earlier in this.
      Heck I just read everyday and I wanna strangle Justin and scream where is she start talking. I can't imagine being Trista and being near him.
      I am very frustrated that we don't know more, don't have an answer. So many speculations

    5. they all creep me out.
      Ayla really got gypped when it comes to parents and childhood.
      'moves like Jaggar' is Ayla's favorite song? say what???
      do you know the lyrics to that song:
      Oh, yeah

      [Verse 1:]
      Just shoot for the stars
      If it feels right
      And aim for my heart
      If you feel like
      And take me away and make it OK
      I swear I'll behave

      You wanted control
      So we waited
      I put on a show
      Now I make it
      You say I'm a kid
      My ego is big
      I don't give a shit
      And it goes like this

      Take me by the tongue
      And I'll know you
      Kiss me 'til you're drunk
      And I'll show you

      All the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger

      I don't need to try to control you
      Look into my eyes and I'll own you

      With them moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger

      [Verse 2:]
      Maybe it's hard
      When you feel like you're broken and scarred
      Nothing feels right
      But when you're with me
      I'll make you believe
      That I've got the key

      So get in the car
      We can ride it
      Wherever you want
      Get inside it
      And you want to steer
      But I'm shifting gears
      I'll take it from here (Oh! Yeah yeah!)
      And it goes like this (Uh)

      Take me by the tongue
      And I'll know you (Uh)
      Kiss me 'til you're drunk
      And I'll show you

      All the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger

      I don't need to try to control you (Oh, yeah)
      Look into my eyes and I'll own you

      With them moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger (Yeah yeah)
      I've got the moves like Jagger

      You wanna know how to make me smile
      Take control, own me just for the night
      And if I share my secret
      You're gonna have to keep it
      Nobody else can see this

      So watch and learn
      I won't show you twice
      Head to toe, oooh baby rub me right
      But if I share my secret
      You're gonna have to keep it
      Nobody else can see this (Ay! Ay! Ay! Aaay!)

      And it goes like this

      Take me by the tongue (Take me by the tongue)
      And I'll know you
      Kiss me 'til you're drunk
      And I'll show you (Yeah yeah yeah!)

      All the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger
      (Oh, yeah)
      I don't need to try to control you
      Look into my eyes and I'll own you

      With them moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger
      I've got the moves like Jagger

      what ever happened to the itsy bitsy spider. :'(

  11. "what a family", haha, fat chance you're going to be able to make the Reynolds out to be as questionable as the Dip/Roberts clan. Good try but nobody is buying it. What a jerk.....

  12. i was trying to impress upon people that filling in the timeline is what is crucial.
    let people say how they feel about these parents one way or the other, if you feel differently then guess what, just say so without attacking the commenter!
    Trista has lost all rights to privacy right now until Ayla is found.
    that is how it works in a criminal investigation of this type.
    as far as the child's name being posted, it is posted all over the news already.
    this isn't a contest as to who is the sh#ttiest parent..as far as i'm concerned they both suck!
    for the commenter who says this information won't help find Ayla, you don't seem to understand that every little bit of information is helpful and no one knows what is useful or not.
    criminals and nutcases (arsonists) hang around with other criminals and nutcases. one of them might have had their eye on Ayla for all we know.
    please stop trying to stop the flow of information. if you don't like what is coming out here then don't read the blog!
    thanks for that info about the 'arsonist', is there a link anywhere online to this crime?
    i would like to read more about it please.

    levi page says his show tonight was about ayla, i haven't listened to it yet, but here's the link:
    thanks J4A for being so cool about the comments here and not being afraid of controversy or being intimidated by the 'message controllers'.
    i don't think anyone is being 'malicious'. Trista pisses a lot of people off with her 'lifestyle', that doesn't mean that some of us don't pity her at the same time.
    i don't for a moment doubt she is anguished right now. what angers me is that this situation could have been totally avoided if Trista had been even marginally motivated.
    she was too busy doing something else for the month of November and half of December to bother checking up on her daughter or reclaim her.
    i do believe Trista is 'tweaking' the truth about the custody dispute as it simply does not add up the way she tells it.
    i wonder if she managed to find the time and transportation to visit her boyfriend (in Warren?) when she couldn't make it up to Waterville for her own baby girl.

  13. http://​womenincrimeink.blogspot.com/​2012/01/​trista-reynolds-was-no-mom.html​?spref=fb With Reading here so far and then I see this link what does it all mean at this point Shouldnt it about What matters? Really where is the Focus? It needs to Be on Baby Ayla<3

  14. http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981132494
    a blogger wonders if robber was Justin or Lance.
    the blogger also comments that she has seen surveillance images from the robberies.

  15. I think that Courtney may have played a larger part in Ayla's disappearance. "Jealous girlfriend". "Jealous girlfriend" who knows the beauty and emotion of bringing a child into the world, as she has her own. "Jealous girlfriend" who could feel threatened by the love her boyfriend has for that child, and fear/hatred toward the woman who co-created her.
    It has always bothered me that Ayla was left in a bedroom alone, yet Courtney's son was sleeping in the same bedroom as she and Justin ("favoritism"). The Anonymous, hateful comments posted towards Trista (sounding like they could be from Courtney herself), give me even more reason to wonder if Courtney was not just jealous of Trista, but Ayla as well. With that many drugs in HER apartment, it's not possible for her to say she didn't know what was going on. Maybe JDip gained drug ties through Courtney, and she has him under her thumb because he's in too deep? I feel as though Courtney (aka Superwoman), may be calling the shots...thoughts?

  16. Emerald said...

    http://www.hlntv.com/article/2012/01/17/report-aylas-mom-wants-polygraph-test link to an article with one of the pictures I am questioning. It appears Ayla also has a bruise on her rith collarbone area, in addition to her left hand and face. Look carefully, it is not a shadow, as the photographer took the pic dead on, and the lighting shows this. There are no lateral shadows. That is a fading bruise, and the one on her hand looks like a small hematoma.

    1. right collar bone area just above her PJ neckline. sorry

  17. These "statement analyses" are bunk. There is nothing correct about them. Oh no, maybe I should say, "there WAS nothing correct about them."

    Whatever I say, they will find some ridiculous meaning in them. Ooops, I should have said, "Whatever I said!"

    Statement analysis, pfffffffftttt......

    1. I agree. That Statement Analysis website is silly..

    2. LOL
      drown that witch!
      SA is a useful tool. unfortunately, just like a hammer some people wield it as a weapon.

      speaking of hammers heh heh..did anyone else have a Cindy Anthony flashback when Phoebe nailed up the NO TRESSPASSING SIGN on the tree?
      i wish NG had caught footage of that!

  18. Hey, Justice!

    Just wanted you and your blogger's input on something..
    Check out the footage stills of the Pine Street Cumbie's armed robbery that happened in January.
    White male gunman (holding gun in left hand/safety off) approx 6'tall and 225lbs.

    Any of you think this fits the general description of Justin and/or Lance DiPietro?

    Does anyone know (or could they find out) if either DiP bros. is LEFT handed??

    Granted, lots of young men in this age group could fit this general description, but I find it interesting that the hold up happened on Pine St., where JDiP's girlfriend currently lives and he HIMSELF USED TO live.

    Also, this robbery took place a few days AFTER the drug raid of Courtney and Briana's apartment, in which over 1,000 oxycodone tabs, AND cocaine was confiscated by LE..

    Somebody is going to owe their supplier A LOT of money, IMO.
    And, with Ayla's remains still unaccounted for by the date of this armed robbery, JDiP & CR may have realized the LIP payout was NOT going to be happening any time soon..
    JMO, MOO, etc. etc.!

    BTW.. I'm honored that you re-posted my thoughts about the commentator who answered your open letter to CR, Justice!

    1. Certainly could be Lance based on the physical description but think unlikely to be Justin based on the weight of the suspect. I don't know if Lance or Justin were left handed, maybe someone that knows them will come forward and shed light on that. My bil isn't saying anymore to me.

      Certainly a plausible theory, that is a lot of money that is going to need to repaid, I certainly doubt BR paid upfront for the drugs.

      I just am not sure that they were all in it together. That would mean Lance, Justin, Courtney, and Brianna were all going to split the profits of the sale of drugs minus any that were taken for personal use. I don't know much about prices but it would be nice to get a perspective of how much each person would net. Drug dealers are usually greedy and I cant see them wanting to share in the profit unless it was a sizeable profit?

      Thank you for assessing the comment from anonymous for me. I saw they posted on SA that they did not post it there and wanting whoever was copying and pasting it to stop. Sounds like they didn't want it analyzed. Also reeks of Angela Harry and her copyright nonsense.

    2. Well, from what I understand oxycodone tablets sell on the street anywhere from $1 to $2 per milligram tablet strength.

      Tablets range from 5mg up to 80mg each depending on whether they are higher strength extended release tabs such as oxycontin or regular release tabs.

      So I would say that the pills ALONE had a minimum street value of $5,000 to $10,000 but COULD(depending on tablet strength)have been worth UP TO $80,000 to 160,000.

      My best guess:
      Roberts probably lost in the range of $20,000 to $60,000 re-sale/street value in that raid.

      If Roberts was reselling at twice what she acquired it for, I'd say it could have left her/them in the hole with their supplier $10,000 - $30,000.

      That's a LOT of money!

  19. Hi VTlady,

    Can you provide the link to the footage of the robbery?

    Am I to understand that Courtney Roberts is still living at the house where the drug raid happened? Do you know if her son is still living there also? That's a lot of drugs that were confiscated in that house. I agree that someone owes somebody big money for all of the drugs the police took. They were expecting their money for those drugs, and I'm sure they still expect to get it one way or the other.

    Also, can you direct me to your post about the analysis of the angry poster? If I remember correctly, she posted that Trista wanting to talk to Justin was a "petty" issue! Can you imagine?


    1. January Cumberland Farms on Pine St, armed robbery article link:


      As for my comment, It's posted at the top of this thread, and was based upon the response of an "anonymous" commentator on Justice's "Open Letter to Courtney Roberts" blog entry on this site.

    2. Thank you very much!

  20. Also:

    In regards to the assertion by CR that:

    " She's spinning everything to make her dysfunctional family look like victims. Once again, TRISTA HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS"

    It may be that in the mind of CR, Trista herself is to blame for what she and JDiP "were forced to do" to Ayla..

    CR thought taking Ayla would cut Trista OUT of Justin's life, by removing the need to seek child support. That backfired.

    Texting to JDiP increased once they had Ayla.
    She likely told Trista to stop contacting "her man".

    When Trista didn't do as instructed, CR took it out on Ayla.

    Domestic abusers will OFTEN blame their victims for the abuse they are inflicted with.
    A common phrase heard uttered by wife-beaters:
    "Now look what YOU MADE ME DO!"

    Just sayin'!